1CryoBio FlexiQuot™

1CryoBio FlexiQuot™

1CryoBio FlexiQuot™

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FlexiQuot™ provides the flexibility to use part of a sample stored in one single vial without thawing the complete tube, which is traditionally achieved by pipetting the sample into several smaller vials before freezing them. 1CryoBioás solution increases labor efficiency and sample flexibility while providing unprecedented storage efficiency.

Our solution addresses an essential challenge faced by laboratories, biobanks and other institutions engaged in cryo preservation: how to store a large number of samples in the smallest possible space and to still be able to use parts of these samples on a recurring basis without diminishing the quality of the remainder.

FlexiQuots™ can be divided into five segments and therefore allow removing one fifth of the total sample volume each time a diagnostic test shall be performed. This way, the sample can be stored using the space of one vial, but parts of the sample can be tested at any point in time as if they had been stored in separate vials. Therefore, our patented system combines the flexibility of five standard small cryogenic vials with the storage and cost efficiency of one larger cryogenic vial.

Specification, Quality and Interfaces
  • Volume 5 ml
  • Length 110 mm, outer diameter 11mm / inner diameter 9 mm
  • Dividable into 5 subsections of 1 ml
  • Temperature - 196° C
  • Labeling
  • Cap
  • Bayonet connector
  • Max. 9 caps used per tube

Secure ID of every subsection
  • Non-pyrogenic
  • Sterile
  • Non-mutagenic
  • CE / IVD-compliant
  • Non-cytotoxic
  • Free of detectable endotoxins
  • Free of detectable DNAse, RNAse and human DNA
  • Functionality and performance tests

Sample integrity and quality remain unchanged
• Concentrations of small molecules and electrolytes in plasma samples in divided subsections of FlexiQuot™ have been analyzed after being freezed and thawed and compared with the concentrations in the complete sample prior to freezing. Test result: No sedimentation across the dividable subsections of the FlexiQuot™.
• The subsections can be divided with ease when using the break tool, irrespective whether it is the first subsection or the last that is broken off. Tests shows that the fracture toughness for the FlexiQuot™ is comparable to a standard tube when the tube is dropped 2 m - a significant difference in test shows that any fracture is controlled to the designated breakpoints.

fill it, freeze it, snap it !
TypeVolumeUCRéférence  Prix/Unité
FlexiQuot™ - Vial, UC = 250 PIÈCES52507.931 024 475.00 Ajouter dans mon panier
FlexiQuot™ - LID, UC = 250 PIÈCES 2507.931 025 200.00 Ajouter dans mon panier
FlexiQuot™ - Label printed, UC = 250 PIÈCES 2507.931 026 190.00 Ajouter dans mon panier
FlexiQuot™ - Label blank, UC = 250 PIÈCES 2507.931 027 163.00 Ajouter dans mon panier
FlexiQuot™ - Snapping Tool 17.931 028 29.00 Ajouter dans mon panier
FlexiQuot™ - Holder 17.931 030 20.00 Ajouter dans mon panier

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